Infiltrados – 13 October 2013, 2pm / Dalston Social


Infiltrados takes an in-depth look at FARC, one of the world’s oldest and deadliest terrorist organisations, examining the Colombian National Police and the involvement of its intelligence division in the recent lethal strikes against the FARC. Continue reading


A Whisper to a Roar – 8 September 2013 / Dalston Social

A Whisper to a RoarWhisper to a Roar presents the inspiring and dangerous work of democracy activists in five countries around the world – Egypt, Malaysia, Ukraine, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

The film’s subjects span the full spectrum of democratic activists: student leaders (Venezuela); young professionals (Egypt); currently active opposition politicians (Malaysia and Zimbabwe) and a former president (Ukraine). These heroes tell their compelling personal stories of struggle with the oppressive regimes ruling their countries, now or in the past. Continue reading

Secrets of the Tribe – 11 August 2013, 2pm / Dalston Social

Secrets of the Tribe

This is the story of the unhealthy meeting of two cultures: an indigenous tribe, the Yanomami and the western anthropologists who came to the Amazon to study them. Over three decades the Yanomami Indians were transformed from the “last Stone Age tribe” so prized by those anthropologists to the most exhaustively documented and filmed tribe on earth. Continue reading