Infiltrados – 13 October 2013, 2pm / Dalston Social


Infiltrados takes an in-depth look at FARC, one of the world’s oldest and deadliest terrorist organisations, examining the Colombian National Police and the involvement of its intelligence division in the recent lethal strikes against the FARC.

Featuring first hand accounts from spies who infiltrated FARC, living for many years among them before relaying intelligence back to the Colombian military, these brave people undertook what were to be the most dangerous missions ever conceived of.

Those who were discovered were tortured and murdered as a warning to other under cover agents, and the threat of exposure lingered throughout their missions. Added to this is the threat of ambush from their own employers- the Colombian military- as well as the difficulty in returning with intelligence as deserters are executed. The chances of survival are slim.

For the first time the terrifying experiences of these people who left their lives in the cities of Colombia to live for years in the jungle as FARC members, are captured on film, and their stories recreated through animations to protect their identities.

Guests: to be confirmed.


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