DocDays is a free East London-based Documentary screening event encouraging people to come together, experience and engage with documentary film, and to participate in discussions on relevant topics and themes, with special guests.

Our free and public documentary screenings are held once a month on the second Sunday of each month at the Dalston Social (N16).

The aim of DocDays is to provide a link between the very best new documentaries and their audiences, in an environment that encourages discussion of the issues at stake – in essence turning passive audiences into active ones.

Note: We are currently looking for documentary shorts, especially from first-time film makers, for a quarterly film festival – a free event for film makers and film lovers to get together, share inspiration and get a glimpse of the future of film. If you have a new short that fits the bill, get in touch.

Who We Are

Kazz Basma I run Sideways Film, a leading documentary distribution company that represents social issue and human rights documentaries, licensing them worldwide to broadcasters and other licensees.

Francesco Carvelli I run Riverman Films, a documentary films production company specialised in ethno-anthropological research. I am an award winning Film Editor and Producer, a Film making tutor, and a former Festival coordinator.

Laurence Avis I am a Visual Anthropology MA with a background in documentary production and distribution. I am currently working on a documentary being shot in Assam, India.